prof. Rositsa Nikiforova

PhD Architect

Chairperson of Varna Design Forum NGO;
Practicing architect, Member of Union of Bulgarian Architects, Member of Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria and IUA; Expert in Cultural Heritage/ Ministry of Culture/
License №Y-1/09.01.2015
UNESCO specialization in Germany;
Lecturer in Interior &Design, Cultural Heritage and Shopping centers at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia, at the Department of Architecture &Urban Planning at VFU Faculty of Architecture in Varna; professor & lecturer at City Planning Faculty of Belgrade Nicola Tesla University, Serbia; lecturer at MARHI, Moscow; lecturer at Pardubice, Czech Republic;

Author of books: Interior – history and theory (2008 and 2012) Slavena Varna, Design in Architectural Environment (2011) VFU Varna, articles in specialized magazines.

Recent projects and realizations: Commercial and business buildings, Sofia, 2010; Main Market, Shopping center and pedestrian street St. Stambolov in Sofia, 2012/2014.

Awards: Gold Medal “The best Diploma Project” from UBA (1966), Honorary diploma and silver plaque “Kolio Ficheto” for the project Main shopping Center Varna (1971), INTERARCH Award for Residential complex “Krajmorie” (1985), UBA Prize in the National Annual Architectural Competition Sofia for Landscape Master Plan of The Madan Artificial Lake System (2000), UBA Award for architectural books (2008), Prize “Varna” (2011) from the Municipality of Varna for Design in Architecture, Gold medal “20 Years Varna Free University” (2011), UBA Award for architectural books (2012)