Dimitar Stefanov


Arch. Dimitar Stefanov has graduated the University of Architecture and Construction (VIAS, Sofia, Bulgaria) in 1980. Creator of Union Correct Ltd., a longtime manager and principal designer. Activist and advocate of the architecture, urbanism and culture of Varna. Over the years he has been a chairman and a member of the Board of UBA. Member of the expert councils of architecture, urban planning and culture at the Varna Municipality. Winner of numerous awards, including “Building of the Year 2002” award “Varna” in 1999 and 2003

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Born: 12.01. 1955 in Targovishte
In 1973 graduated the Mathematics High School in Targoviste with a gold medal
1975 – 1980 – University of Architecture and Construction (VIAS, Sofia), Specialty – Architecture
1980-1988 – worked in the Territorial Organization of the Designers – Varna
1985-1986 – graduated the Architectural Mastery School, a part of the IAA International Academy of Architecture
1988-1990 – worked in Interproekt – Varna, a branch of IAA
1990-2008 – Partner and manager of UNION CORRECT Ltd.
From 2008 to the present moment – A member and manager of UNION CORRECT VARNA Ltd.
Arch. Dimitar Stefanov is a Chairman of the UAB (Bulgarian Architectural Union) in Varna, board member of Bulgarian Chamber of Construction – Varna, member of advisory councils on urban planning, architecture and culture to the Mayor of Varna.
Winner of several awards:
• Honorary diploma and a plaque “Kolio Ficheto” for 1986 – Magazine “Architecture” – award in the contest with innovative ideas to UAB
• Prize “Varna”-1999 for Architecture from the Municipality of Varna
• Prize “Varna”- 2003 for Architecture from the Municipality of Varna
• Prize “Bas-relief Kolyo Ficheto” of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber / BCC / – Varna, celebrating 200 years since the birth of Kolio Ficheto
• UBA Award for residential buildings in the Architectural Saloon – Varna 2001
• Award of the newspaper “Construction-City”, named “Building of 2002” in the category of hotel buildings, hotel Riviera Beach – Holiday Estate “Riviera”
• Award of the Chamber of Architecture – Bulgaria – Architectural Interior Varna – 2006 for a volumetric town-planning decision – Residential Group “Byala Beach” – north of Byala
• Award of the Department of culture and spiritual development of the Municipality of Varna – Varna Architectural Saloon -2009 – project: “Commercial House and Municipality – district Asparuhovo – Varna”