_Special programme dedicated by La Biennale to Institutes of Higher Learning and Research Centres on the occasion of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition, Fundamentals, directed by Rem Koolhaas._

Dear Academic Officer / Dear Professor,

2014 will be the year of LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIa [1]’s 14TH INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE EXHIBITION, _FUNDAMENTALS_ [2], directed by REM KOOLHAAS [3] (June the 7th-November the 23rd, 2014).

La Biennale considers its International Architecture Exhibition a place where UNIVERSITIES, ACADEMIES OF FINE ARTS, RESEARCH CENTRES and UNIVERSITIES OF APPLIED SCIENCES can plan and carry out educationally significant and rewarding activities for their students, and it intends
to offer them particularly favourable attendance and participation conditions.

Beside its customary policy of discounts and special education activities for Institutes of Higher Learning, La Biennale has devised “BIENNALE SESSIONS [4]”, a SPECIAL PLATFORM for groups of 50 OR MORE UNIVERSITY PARTICIPANTS (students and faculty members), ready to become affiliated to the 14th International Architecture Exhibition.

BIENNALE SESSIONS [4] offers students and faculty members from affiliated institutes unique attendance and participation conditions, thanks to the following benefits:

* SPECIAL PASSES granting access to the Exhibition for 3 CONSECUTIVE DAYS, for 20.00€ per person;
* the possibility to ORGANISE A WORKSHOP, SEMINAR or PRESENTATION in a space located in one of the Exhibition venues, including free basic technical equipment and assistance;
* the possibility to HAVE PACKET LUNCHES for 7.00€ at the Exhibition snack areas and restaurants, during their visit;
* help with finding a convenient accommodation with La Biennale’s affiliated operators;
* free RESERVATION AND ATTENDANCE of possible COINCIDING CONFERENCES and other events organised by La Biennale’s Architecture Department;
* DISCOUNTS AND SPECIAL ATTENDANCE CONDITIONS for possible coinciding festivals organised by La Biennale’s Dance, Music, Theatre and Cinema sectors;
* a special PROMOTION AND COMMUNICATION PLAN, including a mention on La Biennale’s website and links to websites of participating universities.

I am glad to send you this first information about BIENNALE SESSIONS, which is being sent to general secretariats of Universities and Art Academies worldwide, and to invite you to join the programme, by replying with a sign of interest. More formal communications may then follow.

With my kindest regards,

Valentina Borsato

Head of Education and Promotion

La Biennale di Venezia

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