Violetta Toncheva

Violetta Toncheva graduated with Master’s degrees in German Studies and Radio Journalism from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. She completed specializations in Radio Journalism at Berliner Rundfunk, Radio Management and Public Relations at Deutsche Welle, Koeln Qualification Center, and Public Media at New Bulgarian University, Sofia, BBC London, and others.

Ms Toncheva worked for the Bulgarian National Radio-Radio Varna as a Broadcast Journalist in Bulgarian and German languages. She authored, produced and hosted daily news and talk shows, public affairs and cultural programs. She served as a moderator at book launch events, art exhibitions, concerts and other public events held in the art studio. During her career in public broadcasting, she also served as a News Editor, Managing Editor, Editor-in-Chief, PR Manager, and BNR Media Observer (2009).

Ms Toncheva taught Radio Management and Public Relations at Varna Free University (2005-2008). In 2010, she became the PR Manager of Varna Opera and Philharmonic Society. She currently serves as the PR Manager of Varna Theater & Music Production Centre, which is home to both Varna State Opera & Drama Theater “Stoyan Bachvarov”.

In 2013 Ms Toncheva became also the PR Manager of NGO Varna Design Forum.

She has translated a number of books and stories from German into Bulgarian. She is an engaging speaker with extensive experience as a moderator at book launch events for major publishing houses such as Slavena, Janet 45, Ciela, Faber, Studio 89, Colibri, Riva, and others. She has presented at exhibitions for art galleries such as Alfa Art, Active Art, Largo, Radio Varna Art Salon, House of Architect (Sofia and Varna), International Biennial of Visual Arts August in Art, Festival of Arts Apollonia (Sozopol), The National Campaign Heritage at Risk, and others.
Violetta Toncheva is the author of books, essays and reviews in the field of media, literature, architecture, fine arts, opera and theatre. She has published in print and online media, including Literary Newspaper, Culture, Bulgaria and Europe, and the Almanac Sveta Gora. Her work has appeared in various magazines: LIK, Architecture, Aspects, Znatsi, Bulgarians (Prague), and in the Books About Varna series, Encyclopedia of Varna,,,, and others.

Violetta Toncheva is the recipient of the Award for Translation of Science Fiction Literature, Union of Bulgarian Translators (1988); Award for Radio Journalism, Union of Bulgarian Journalists (1998); Award for Reviews in Fine Arts, from the “Georgi Velchev” Art Museum (2003); Nomination for the Annual Award “Sirak Skitnik” by the Bulgarian National Radio (2005); “Golden Pen” Award from the Union of Bulgarian Journalists for her “Book of Radio Varna. Tradition Obliges” (2004), and “Book of Radio Varna. Tradition is Modern” (2007); Union of Architects Award for supporting the national campaign “Heritage at Risk” (2008); Honorary Medallion and Diploma by BNR-Radio Varna for promoting the media as a cultural center (2009); Award from Bulart Gallery for reviews on contemporary art (2009), and others.

Yavor Yakimov

Mr Yavor Yakimov is a managing partner in Yakimov Law Firm which is experienced in the field of commercial, investment, tax and insurance law. Mr Yavor Yakimov obtains his practicing certificate in 2005 and specializes in the sphere of intellectual property and insurance law. He also gets a specialized education in IDLO in the area of copyright and related right. He is preparing a dissertation in the sphere of insurance law. Mr Yavor Yakimov takes an active part in many non-governmental organizations which main purpose is to improve the social environment, the way of living and the life conditions on a local and national level.

Victor Petkov

Viktor Petkov works in the area of video art, digital photography, drawing and installation. Since 2000 he has been working as a lecturer of Fashion Design at VFU. Has a number of individual exhibitions and is a participant in national and international projects in the area of design.

Emil Burulyanov

MAA – IaaC, Barcelona, Spain, 2009-2010
B.E. & A. (Hons.) University of Malta, Malta, 2004-2009
DSH – Bauhaus University, Weimar, Germany, 2003-2004

Practicing Architect at Décor Design Architectural Bureau, Founder at Plan 2 Plastic Laboratory for 3D printing , Member of the extended Publishing Board of Architecture Magazine, Former Member of the Committee for International Relations and Euro-integration, Registered in the Chamber and the Union of Architects in Bulgaria, Member of NGO Varna Design Forum.

Awards and Mentions :
2014 – Guggenheim Helsinki Competition, Finland – Leading Architect
Top 50 out of 1715 entries according to ArchDaily
2014 – Burgas Art Gallery Competition, Burgas, Bulgaria – Team Architect
3rd Prize and design purchase
2014 – Reconstruction of the Home of Neftochimic Competition, Burgas, Bulgaria – Team Architect
2nd Prize
2013 – Volumetric and spatial study of the Foros Peninsula, Burgas, Bulgaria – Team Architect
3rd Prize and design purchase
2012 – Flora Exhibition Centre Competition, Burgas, Bulgaria – Team Architect
1st Prize and contract
2012 – ArchiMag Award at the ArchiMoria Exhibition for the Tornado Pavilion – Team Architect
with arch.Paterakis and arch.Topchiev
2012 – Bulgarian Fountain Decoration Competition, London, United Kingdom – Leading Architect
3rd Prize and design purchase
2011 – Social Housing Competition, Burgas, Bulgaria – Team Architect
1st Prize and contract

Publications :
2015 Kinetic Sculp(Struc)tures in the age of age of Digital Architecture 2 – Architecture Magazine
2014 APX+ Workshop and the future of Parametricism in Bulgaria – Architecture Magazine
2014 – Kinetic Sculp(Struc)tures in the age of age of Digital Architecture 1 – Architecture Magazine
2004 – Colour in the Architecture of the Mediterranean – Dissertation, University of Malta

Dimitar Stefanov

Arch. Dimitar Stefanov has graduated the University of Architecture and Construction (VIAS, Sofia, Bulgaria) in 1980. Creator of Union Correct Ltd., a longtime manager and principal designer. Activist and advocate of the architecture, urbanism and culture of Varna. Over the years he has been a chairman and a member of the Board of UBA. Member of the expert councils of architecture, urban planning and culture at the Varna Municipality. Winner of numerous awards, including “Building of the Year 2002” award “Varna” in 1999 and 2003

Learn more:
Born: 12.01. 1955 in Targovishte
In 1973 graduated the Mathematics High School in Targoviste with a gold medal
1975 – 1980 – University of Architecture and Construction (VIAS, Sofia), Specialty – Architecture
1980-1988 – worked in the Territorial Organization of the Designers – Varna
1985-1986 – graduated the Architectural Mastery School, a part of the IAA International Academy of Architecture
1988-1990 – worked in Interproekt – Varna, a branch of IAA
1990-2008 – Partner and manager of UNION CORRECT Ltd.
From 2008 to the present moment – A member and manager of UNION CORRECT VARNA Ltd.
Arch. Dimitar Stefanov is a Chairman of the UAB (Bulgarian Architectural Union) in Varna, board member of Bulgarian Chamber of Construction – Varna, member of advisory councils on urban planning, architecture and culture to the Mayor of Varna.
Winner of several awards:
• Honorary diploma and a plaque “Kolio Ficheto” for 1986 – Magazine “Architecture” – award in the contest with innovative ideas to UAB
• Prize “Varna”-1999 for Architecture from the Municipality of Varna
• Prize “Varna”- 2003 for Architecture from the Municipality of Varna
• Prize “Bas-relief Kolyo Ficheto” of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber / BCC / – Varna, celebrating 200 years since the birth of Kolio Ficheto
• UBA Award for residential buildings in the Architectural Saloon – Varna 2001
• Award of the newspaper “Construction-City”, named “Building of 2002” in the category of hotel buildings, hotel Riviera Beach – Holiday Estate “Riviera”
• Award of the Chamber of Architecture – Bulgaria – Architectural Interior Varna – 2006 for a volumetric town-planning decision – Residential Group “Byala Beach” – north of Byala
• Award of the Department of culture and spiritual development of the Municipality of Varna – Varna Architectural Saloon -2009 – project: “Commercial House and Municipality – district Asparuhovo – Varna”

Stancho Vekov

Owner and Manager of VEKOV DESIGN EOOD/ 2014-2007

Member of:

– Union of Bulgarian Architects/ 2014-1973;
– Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria/ 2014-2004/2002;
Expert in Cultural Heritage/ Ministry of Culture/
License No 09-00-18/ 2014;
Lecturer on Interior & Design, Redesign and Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage at the Department of Architecture & Urbanism at Faculty of Architecture in Varna Free University “Chernorizets Hrabar”/2014-2007;
Guest Lecturer at City Planning Faculty of Belgrade Nicola Tesla University, Serbia/ 2012-2007;

Author of:
– Reconstructed spaces/ I Exterior spaces, 2012, VFU University publishing;
– Exhibition catalog “Disappearing Houses/ Beautiful Houses, Helixpress 2010, Varna;
– A lot of Articles in scientific, specialized magazines and issues.
Author and Curator of Art exhibitions:
– Biennial of Visual Arts August in Art, Varna/2014- 2006;
– Disappearing Houses/ Beautiful Houses/ A long term project in support of National Campaign Heritage at Risk/ 2009-2007;
– La Bella Italia Varna/ 2004
– Way to the Temple/ 2002;

Recent Buildings:
– Multifunctional Sport Hall Mezdra/ 2014-2008, in construction;
– Reconstruction of cultural heritage House, 30 Slavjanska Str. Varna/ 2006-2014, in construction;
– City Auto center Varna/ in construction 2014- 2010;
– Commerce & Store building Varna West/ 2009;
– Orthodox Church St. George Provadia/ 2008
– Memorial of Ukrainian Soldiers, Sea garden Varna/ 2005
– Memorial of the Victims of Communism Vidin/ 2000;
– Many public and residential building in Sofia, Varna, Provadia, Vidin, Belogradchik, Kula and other sites in Bulgaria/ 2014-1976.

– INTERARCH Laureate Sofia 2012, Special Prize of the Embassy of Finland in Sofia, Interarch silver Medal and Honorary Diplom for Multifunctional Sport Hall Mezdra.
– Holder of Many national and regional Prizes for Projects and Buildings.

prof. Vladimir Ivanov

Degree in PRINTS, 1975, National Academy of Arts – Sofia

Solo Exhibitions (selected):
Varna 78, 84, 98, 99, 2000, 01, 05; Sofia 78, 85, 02; Plovdiv 2014
Dordrecht (NL) 90; Rotterdam (NL) 91;
Leiden (NL) 92; Landgraaf (NL) 93; Amsterdam (NL) 94;
Genova (I) 09.

Group Exhibitions (selected):
International Print Biennials: Varna 81-89, 95-97;
Grenhen (CH) 85; Baden-Baden (G) 85;
Ljubljana (JU) 87; Toronto (CND) 88; Couvin (B) 89; Biella (I) 90;
Kanagawa (J) 89, 90, 92; Fredrikstad (N) 92; Katowize (P) 92, Bitola (M) 97;
Dordrecht (NL) 84, 92; Washington (USA) 88; Tbilissi (GR) 89;
Amsterdam (NL) 93, 97; Goyang City (SK) 01; Viroinval (B) 02, 08, 10, 14
12 exhibitions with the VAR/T/NA Club 1998 – 2001

Interventions into Urban Space:
2005-2012 Projects: BRAVE NEW WORLD; 20th CENTURY STRUCK OUT;

Works in Collections:
Varna Print Gallery, National Art Gallery – Sofia (BG); Sofia City Gallery (BG);
Kupferstichkabinett Dresden (G); National Library – Paris (F); Congress Library – Washington (USA);
Meiji – Tokyo (J), as well as numerous private collectors in Bulgaria and abroad.

AVANT-GARDE AND NORM, Prof. Svilen Stefanov, Sofia 2003
120 YEARS BULGARIAN ART 1892-2012, Sofia 2012

2004 Professorship – Fine Arts and Art Criticism;
Working in the sphere of the drawing, the art object, installation, intervention into urban space and graphic design.
Lives and works in Varna.

prof. Rositsa Nikiforova

Chairperson of Varna Design Forum NGO;
Practicing architect, Member of Union of Bulgarian Architects, Member of Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria and IUA; Expert in Cultural Heritage/ Ministry of Culture/
License №Y-1/09.01.2015
UNESCO specialization in Germany;
Lecturer in Interior &Design, Cultural Heritage and Shopping centers at the New Bulgarian University in Sofia, at the Department of Architecture &Urban Planning at VFU Faculty of Architecture in Varna; professor & lecturer at City Planning Faculty of Belgrade Nicola Tesla University, Serbia; lecturer at MARHI, Moscow; lecturer at Pardubice, Czech Republic;

Author of books: Interior – history and theory (2008 and 2012) Slavena Varna, Design in Architectural Environment (2011) VFU Varna, articles in specialized magazines.

Recent projects and realizations: Commercial and business buildings, Sofia, 2010; Main Market, Shopping center and pedestrian street St. Stambolov in Sofia, 2012/2014.

Awards: Gold Medal “The best Diploma Project” from UBA (1966), Honorary diploma and silver plaque “Kolio Ficheto” for the project Main shopping Center Varna (1971), INTERARCH Award for Residential complex “Krajmorie” (1985), UBA Prize in the National Annual Architectural Competition Sofia for Landscape Master Plan of The Madan Artificial Lake System (2000), UBA Award for architectural books (2008), Prize “Varna” (2011) from the Municipality of Varna for Design in Architecture, Gold medal “20 Years Varna Free University” (2011), UBA Award for architectural books (2012)